BoxLock Releases the World’s First Smart Padlock for Home Deliveries

ATLANTA — November 16, 2017 — BoxLock Inc. announced the release of BoxLock “Home,” the first internet-connected security padlock designed specifically to protect packages delivered to residential consumers. Unlike Amazon Key, which gives delivery drivers access to a recipient’s front door, BoxLock provides a non-intrusive security solution to combat “porch pirates.” After a quick setup with the free mobile app (Android and iOS available), BoxLock is placed on a delivery receptacle (such as a storage box or any container with a hasp for a padlock), and the receptacle remains firmly locked until a delivery arrives.

BoxLock Home – designed for single-family households and small businesses – only opens when a package is scanned that’s “out for delivery.” Upon delivery, the driver scans the package with a mobile device, and after a two-step verification process, the lock opens, allowing the driver to leave the recipient’s package securely inside the locked receptacle. The recipient then gets an automatic notification that the package has been safely delivered.

More than 11 million packages are stolen every year. And as home delivery services from Amazon and Walmart become more prominent, that number will continue to rise. Thieves are always looking for opportunities to swoop in and steal unattended packages, especially during holiday season. BoxLock was designed to thwart package thieves with a simple and safe solution that anyone can implement. 

BoxLock Home is rigorously designed; the unit consists of a hardened steel shackle enclosed in a weather-resistant case with a barcode scanner at the bottom. The built-in micro-USB port enables charging; users can expect more than 30 days of battery life from a full charge. Even the color and design of the casing have been specifically honed to stand out to delivery drivers, and its angled shape is easy to grip as delivery drivers scan packages. 

Current tests show that delivery drivers are capable of using the device for the first time in under a minute, some in under 20 seconds. That number will only decrease as familiarity becomes more widespread, and all of the delivery drivers interviewed by BoxLock said they’d have no problem using it knowing packages will be delivered safely.

What’s more, BoxLock is compatible with all major shipping carriers. There’s no software required on their end, just the shipping label.

BoxLock uses encrypted HTTPS backed by RSA keys with 2048-bit modules and SHA-256 to communicate both between the lock, the cloud infrastructure and BoxLock’s iOS and Android applications. The mobile applications and the lock communicate directly using a shared private key over Bluetooth LE.

BoxLock Home retails for $129; the company launched a Kickstarter campaign for pre-orders at For more information, visit



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