BoxLock was founded when Brad and his wife moved into a new house. Brad searched for solutions to protect all the deliveries they receive each week and was surprised to find few options available. Like many Americans, Brad had cameras installed to keep an eye on things. Turns out, cameras just weren’t enough. The very next day, two packages were stolen off their front porch. Just like that, they became victims.

Brad, a consummate problem solver became fascinated with the world of last mile deliveries. Out of this, BoxLock was born.

BoxLock launched in July 2018 and is now protecting thousands of deliveries from UPS, USPS, FedEx and Amazon to homes and small businesses in all 50 states. The BoxLock smart padlock is the only nationally available solution to protect deliveries from all major carriers.


At BoxLock, we protect deliveries.

We believe that secured unattended deliveries, as close to their final destination as possible are in everyone’s best interest.


Safer Neighborhoods
Unsecured deliveries lead to package theft, which is a gateway crime that opens the doors to more serious crimes in communities . Over 30% of Americans claim to have been victims of package theft.


Reduced Time-Consuming Redeliveries
Attended deliveries take time. The driver has to knock, wait for someone to answer the door and often times you’re not there, resulting in an expensive redelivery for the carrier and an agonizing experience for you. U.S. carriers lose an estimated $5 billion per year on redeliveries.


Net Positive Convenience
Lockers and post office boxes are great, but they’re at best a customer inconvenience. They make the carrier’s route faster by redistributing work to the customer at the expense of the environment.


Our integrated hardware and software solutions are specifically designed to protect deliveries by all major carriers.

  • We help our customers make sure they receive their deliveries reliably when they expect them.

  • We help carriers make their routes more consistent and reduce costly redeliveries.

  • We help retailers reduce their costs of lost and stolen goods.

We work closely with carriers and community leaders. By combating crime, increasing quality of life and improving productivity, we can better our communities.

We’re a security solutions company, we take security and privacy extremely seriously. We encourage you to learn more about our approach by reading our Privacy Policy.