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What do I do if a package is stolen or lost?

Packages are stolen or lost every single day and with the amount of deliveries increasing at a rapid rate, more and more packages will go lost or stolen. Last year alone 21 million people were affected by package theft largely due to unattended packages left on porches being such easy targets to porch pirates.

According to a new survey by Comcast’s Xfinity Home Security System, more than 50% of Americans say they know someone who's had a package stolen from outside their home, and 30% say they've experienced it themselves.


When looking at search results on Google, we found that the search term for “Stolen Package” has exploded on Google trends over the past 7 years. Given that parcel shipments are estimated to grow more than 10% this year and .

Package stolen or lost claim process

The first step in the stolen or lost package process is filing a claim with whichever carrier delivered your package. Each carrier has their own set of instructions, process and claim forms for lost or stolen package, unfortunately none of them are very simple processes but we have listed them out for you below.

USPS Package Stolen

UPS Lost Package

FEDEX Package Stolen

Solutions to stop Stolen or Lost Packges

Naturally the next step in the process after your package has been stolen or lost is to find a solution. Unfortunately none of the solutions on the market right now actually stop package theft, they either monitor your front door via webcam like Nest, or are inconvenient 3rd party drop off locations.

Monitoring solutions like RingNest and Arlo do a great job of monitoring your house, recording the video in the cloud and giving your access to it via your smartphone or computer. As mentioned above they don't actually prevent package theft as you will simply be left with a video of a porch pirate walking away with your package.


The only option that stops your package from being stolen would be the inconvenient 3rd party drop off locations like UPS Stores, FedEx Office or Amazon Lockers which are generally not close to your home and sometimes have additional monthly costs.



That's why we made BoxLock, a internet connected smart padlock specifically designed to protect your packages from porch pirates and package thieves. Our lock can be placed on a storage box/bench of your choice and will be conveniently located on your front porch or stoop. Our lock provides a safe place for delivery drivers to place your package until you return home to retrieve them. Stolen packages will be a thing of the past with BoxLock.

Purchase a BoxLock right now in our store here

Why Surveillance Is Not Enough To Stop Package Theft

Any home that has packages delivered, frequently or infrequently, has to take steps to minimize the risk of package theft. You can’t be home in time to receive every package, which means your property will be sitting exposed. You can watch your packages with surveillance cameras and even get real-time updates when the cameras are triggered, but chances are, you will need more security.


The Need For Intervention

Surveillance cameras require whoever is monitoring them to be able to respond fast enough to intervene when there is an issue. Because security cameras must have an active response in order to stop a crime from being successful, you cannot simply put up a camera to protect your packages. You will need a plan to react in a timely enough fashion to stop a criminal who is stealing your package.

It is true that the mere existence of a security camera might deter some criminals, but in the case of package theft, thieves are only looking for vulnerable deliveries. Because this is a crime of opportunity, a criminal sees an exposed package and takes it as long as there is no one physically present. They are not worried about the camera because they are going to get away in seconds.

What Good Is Documentation?

If you are hoping that your surveillance footage will get you your package back, you should know the chances of this happening are almost nonexistent. There are several things you can do after a package is lost or stolen, but due to the challenges that law enforcement is faced with around property crime, documenting the crime will have close to no bearing on getting your shipment back.

As for preventing future thefts, surveillance has its place. Chances are you will not be able to use your footage to catch the criminals. However, it can be used to prosecute them if they are caught. More important than prosecution, you can use your camera to know how criminals are attacking your security so you can make necessary changes. But before any of your packages are stolen, you need to invest in security measures that actively work.

What More Can You Do?

It is true that you can place a row of potted plants on your porch so the package can hopefully be out of sight, but this has several issues. First off, you are relying on the delivery person to obscure the package. You are also hoping that the delivery truck is not being followed.

If you get an outside container and leave a padlock unlocked in hopes that the delivery person will use the container and lock the padlock after the package is inside, you have a similar reliability issue. And even if the container and lock were used appropriately, the closed shackle of the padlock would telegraph that something is inside. This is because the lock is only shut when there is a delivery.

Something like Amazon Key works if you are happy installing a smart lock on your front door and letting delivery drivers into your home. But this will only work with Amazon deliveries, and it will allow delivery personnel into your home. It is a bit extreme, untested, and potentially disastrous. There is a lot of debate giving any stranger or company that much access.

The best answer to date for stopping package theft is the BoxLock. With yard signs and stickers, you can get drivers to use the device reliably. The padlock will always remain in the locked position, so there will be no visible indication that it is empty or holding a package. Something like this is actively securing your package. Nothing is needed from the user once the device locked.

Closing Thoughts

Always start with active security such as locks. Locks prevent a criminal from successfully completing a crime and they work as a deterrent. A camera’s need for active security on the part of the user becomes even more effective if you have a lock that gives you enough time to respond to an incident. If you really want to reduce your risk, choose the company that is committed to helping communities everywhere put an end to package theft.

You can order a BoxLock today by clicking here and never have a missing package again.

BoxLock + Curbed's "Smart Home Tech Trends You Need to Know"


Curbed published their list of Smart Home tech trends you need to know following this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

They focus on four trends for 2018:

  1. Fully wireless kitchen
  2. Smarter home deliveries
  3. Next-level “remote controls”
  4. Using data for better sleep and health
 "One of those planter boxes is not like the other."

"One of those planter boxes is not like the other."

Under "Smarter home deliveries" Curbed mention Amazon and August's solutions that allow the driver to enter the home and Curbed calls BoxLock:

"A more consumer-facing solution for this so-called 'last mile delivery' challenge"

You can read the full article here on Curbed.

Clark Howard Shows off BoxLock and Other Atlanta Companies at CES

Atlanta isn't necessarily known for building consumer brands (Switchyards is out to fix that...), and it definitely isn't known for hardware either. 

Clark Howard from Atlanta's WSB-TV 2, went out to find some of the unique technologies created here in Georgia that were exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). These companies are all both consumer brands and hardware products. 

One thing is for sure, three out of these four Atlanta companies are good at incredibly didactic names.

Curb Appeal Matters

Curb Appeal.jpg

Over the past several months, we’ve had time to experiment with many different containers and have learned a lot about choosing different storage boxes.

When selecting a box, consider the following: 

  • How many packages do you receive on any given day and typically how large are they? How secure is your neighborhood?
  • Are these more likely to be hardened criminals or casual thieves?
  • How much are you willing to spend?

Keeping these suggestions in mind, here are some of our recommended boxes that we have tested with our pilot. Please remember, while we know that these work with BoxLock, these are not your only options.

Deck Boxes & Storage Benches
Keter is a leader in outdoor furniture. They make a wide range of storage containers and benches that tend to be larger. We’ve found these are your best value. These boxes will protect your packages from the elements and are sturdy enough to prevent most dash and grabs. You can see a compatible selection here.

Porch Boxes
Porch Boxes offer a nicer, more refined wood look. These boxes are sturdy and can easily be affixed to your home, porch or patio. They come in two sizes, which fit in nicely on smaller porches and front stoops. They can be painted white or come with a primer so you can easily paint them whatever color you choose. Both Porch Box sizes are available now with a BoxLock through our IndieGoGo Campaign.

Parcel Box + BoxLock.jpg

Custom Built

Custom Built is where you’re going to get a box that really fits your needs and the style of your home. Below is an example where we’ve crafted two matching planters and had one outfitted with a lid and a hasp. You can get an idea how these were made here. Your custom options can be endless. 

BoxLock + FlowerBox.jpg

These are just a few options. We’ll continue to post other suggestions at getboxlock.com/boxes.

BoxLock + Barcode Sharing

Original Post Date: Nov 20, 2017

We wanted to take a minute to tell you about one of our favorite features of BoxLock, Barcode Sharing.

Phone Barcode.jpg

Using the BoxLock App that will be launching on both Android and iOS, you can share barcodes via e-mail, text or anywhere you can share a photo or a link. Barcodes can be created for one-time use, with an expiration date or indefinitely. This functionality is great for giving friends, family or neighbors access to your BoxLock.

Barcode sharing makes it possible for BoxLock to work great with any delivery service you can message with such as Instacart, Postmates, laundry pick-up and delivery services and many more. You can just go into the app, create a barcode, copy the link and share.

The recipient can then use your BoxLock to scan the barcode on their phone.

Phone Barcode Scan.jpg

If you have short-term or long-term rental properties, BoxLock and barcode sharing is an unbelievably convenient tool. Securely leave supplies for tenants or drop anything off during their stay without coordinating a specific time or disturbing them.

These are just a few examples of how great Barcode Sharing can be. We’d love to hear how you plan to use your BoxLock!

Yard Signs + Stickers: The Quest for your Driver's Attention

Original Post Date: Nov 16, 2017

We’ve been running our first pilot in the Atlanta Metro area, and have been overwhelmed with the positive response from drivers thus far. Along the way, we’ve learned that there are things we can do to help ensure the drivers are both aware and informed of how to recognize a house with BoxLock, as well as what to do when they come across it.  

Below are a couple of ways we’ve found to help ensure a successful delivery using BoxLock.

BoxLock Yard Signs and Stickers

Making your delivery driver aware of the BoxLock at your home is just as important as telling them about it in the delivery instructions. Knowing this, with every BoxLock we include a yard sign or window sticker to create further visibility for drivers as they walk up to securely deliver packages. Below is a shot of one of our pilot homes in Atlanta, Georgia.

BoxLock Sign.jpg

Simple Driver Instructions

We’ve designed simple hang tags to inform drivers on how to use BoxLock the first time they come across it. The instructions label below is included with every BoxLock so that  users can attach it to their own storage container. This label provides quick and easy instructions for how to use BoxLock. To our surprise, most drivers haven’t needed it.

BoxLock Hangtag.png

Thus far in our pilot we've seen first-hand how critical driver awareness is. Combining the yard signs and hang tag instructions have proven to effectively inform drivers about BoxLock and makes sure they can quickly understand how to use it.

Thanks again for your current and future support. We’re committed to fighting porch piracy and ensuring all of your deliveries are still there when you get home.