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Yard Signs + Stickers: The Quest for your Driver's Attention

Original Post Date: Nov 16, 2017

We’ve been running our first pilot in the Atlanta Metro area, and have been overwhelmed with the positive response from drivers thus far. Along the way, we’ve learned that there are things we can do to help ensure the drivers are both aware and informed of how to recognize a house with BoxLock, as well as what to do when they come across it.  

Below are a couple of ways we’ve found to help ensure a successful delivery using BoxLock.

BoxLock Yard Signs and Stickers

Making your delivery driver aware of the BoxLock at your home is just as important as telling them about it in the delivery instructions. Knowing this, with every BoxLock we include a yard sign or window sticker to create further visibility for drivers as they walk up to securely deliver packages. Below is a shot of one of our pilot homes in Atlanta, Georgia.

BoxLock Sign.jpg

Simple Driver Instructions

We’ve designed simple hang tags to inform drivers on how to use BoxLock the first time they come across it. The instructions label below is included with every BoxLock so that  users can attach it to their own storage container. This label provides quick and easy instructions for how to use BoxLock. To our surprise, most drivers haven’t needed it.

BoxLock Hangtag.png

Thus far in our pilot we've seen first-hand how critical driver awareness is. Combining the yard signs and hang tag instructions have proven to effectively inform drivers about BoxLock and makes sure they can quickly understand how to use it.

Thanks again for your current and future support. We’re committed to fighting porch piracy and ensuring all of your deliveries are still there when you get home.