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What do I do if a package is stolen or lost?

Packages are stolen or lost every single day and with the amount of deliveries increasing at a rapid rate, more and more packages will go lost or stolen. Last year alone 21 million people were affected by package theft largely due to unattended packages left on porches being such easy targets to porch pirates.

According to a new survey by Comcast’s Xfinity Home Security System, more than 50% of Americans say they know someone who's had a package stolen from outside their home, and 30% say they've experienced it themselves.


When looking at search results on Google, we found that the search term for “Stolen Package” has exploded on Google trends over the past 7 years. Given that parcel shipments are estimated to grow more than 10% this year and .

Package stolen or lost claim process

The first step in the stolen or lost package process is filing a claim with whichever carrier delivered your package. Each carrier has their own set of instructions, process and claim forms for lost or stolen package, unfortunately none of them are very simple processes but we have listed them out for you below.

USPS Package Stolen

UPS Lost Package

FEDEX Package Stolen

Solutions to stop Stolen or Lost Packges

Naturally the next step in the process after your package has been stolen or lost is to find a solution. Unfortunately none of the solutions on the market right now actually stop package theft, they either monitor your front door via webcam like Nest, or are inconvenient 3rd party drop off locations.

Monitoring solutions like RingNest and Arlo do a great job of monitoring your house, recording the video in the cloud and giving your access to it via your smartphone or computer. As mentioned above they don't actually prevent package theft as you will simply be left with a video of a porch pirate walking away with your package.


The only option that stops your package from being stolen would be the inconvenient 3rd party drop off locations like UPS Stores, FedEx Office or Amazon Lockers which are generally not close to your home and sometimes have additional monthly costs.



That's why we made BoxLock, a internet connected smart padlock specifically designed to protect your packages from porch pirates and package thieves. Our lock can be placed on a storage box/bench of your choice and will be conveniently located on your front porch or stoop. Our lock provides a safe place for delivery drivers to place your package until you return home to retrieve them. Stolen packages will be a thing of the past with BoxLock.

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