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Protecting Boston’s Deliveries

Boston is the 4th highest ranked city in the United States when it comes to searches for “Amazon Packages Stolen.”

Protect your deliveries and help make Boston’s neighborhoods safer by reducing package theft in your community with BoxLock.

Boston residents get 10% off your purchase of any BoxLock or BoxLock bundle from our website by using the code below:


This offer is only valid on orders shipped to the Boston Metro area.

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The first smart padlock designed to protect deliveries. BoxLock makes sure that you get your packages reliably, when you expect them.


BoxLock is compatible with all major US parcel carriers.



BoxLock is the first smart padlock designed to protect your home deliveries.

BoxLock Home + Sign Kit

The BoxLock Home + Sign Kit includes one BoxLock and one yard sign.


BoxLock + TuffBox ParcelBoxx Bundle

Buy a complete solution to package theft. This bundle includes a BoxLock, Yard Sign and a TuffBoxx ParcelBoxx Secure Parcel Delivery Box in your choice of 2 sizes: small and large.

BoxLock + Step2 Deluxe Package Delivery Box Bundle

A perfect companion for your BoxLock, the Deluxe Package Delivery Box from Step2 will keep your deliveries out of sight, safe and secure while you are away from home.