Supporting communities every day

Through our Communities initiative, BoxLock creates scalable, citizen-led programs to reduce package theft and raise funds to support local programs. By partnering with neighborhoods, non-profit organizations, police foundations and more, BoxLock makes your community safer.

Meet your new neighbor — BoxLock.


At BoxLock, we protect deliveries.

We believe that secured unattended deliveries, as close to their final destination as possible are in everyone’s best interest.

As Americans receive more packages and home deliveries than ever before, package theft crimes are on the rise in our communities. According to recent studies, more than 30% of Americans have been victims of package theft and nearly 26 million people in the United States have had packages stolen during the holidays.


How does BoxLock help my community?


By partnering with BoxLock Communities, you are protecting your deliveries and curbing crime. You are proactively creating security solutions that prevent “porch pirates” and package thieves from stealing your most valuable goods.

You are providing confidence and peace of mind for your family, your neighbors and your community.

Where does BoxLock work?

BoxLock is currently protecting deliveries in all 50 states, in hundreds of zip codes around the country.

By partnering with BoxLock Communities, you are joining a wide network of residents, neighborhood organizations and police foundations in cities across the country who are committed to creating safer and healthier communities.

Will delivery drivers use BoxLock?

Yes, BoxLock is compatible with all the major delivery companies: USPS, UPS, FedEx and Amazon. More info.


How does BoxLock work?


Press, Scan, Secure

Delivery drivers press the button on top of your BoxLock to scan the tracking number on your package.

Each time a package is scanned, BoxLock connects to your Wi-Fi to confirm whether or not it should open.

Only packages that are addressed to you and that are out for delivery that day will unlock BoxLock.


Effortless Tracking

Track all your purchases, from all major carriers and see their status in one screen all in real time. BoxLock automatically collects tracking information from:

  • USPS Informed Delivery®

  • UPS My Choice®

  • FedEx Delivery Manager®

  • Amazon Prime


Not just for packages

Have an item that was accidentally forgotten by a friend or family member? Have groceries or laundry being delivered but don’t want them sitting on your front porch?

Share access by texting or emailing barcodes for one-time use, multiple uses or specific dates.


“No more worrying about unattended packages. No more waiting for a knock on the door that never comes. No more concerns about the weather.”