Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to use BoxLock Home?

To use BoxLock Home, you need three things:

  1. Any storage receptacle that has a hasp for a lock — whatever fits your home, style and budget.
  2. Wi-fi connection
  3. BoxLock mobile app for Android or iPhone.


OK, so my packages are in the storage box, how is this going to stop someone from stealing both the box and my package?

Most package thefts are a crime of opportunity, if the thief can't see the package they won't know it's there, as far as they are concerned your storage container is probably empty most of the time.

For the more determined thieves, we strongly recommend bolting your storage container to your house and/or porch from inside the container so thieves can't access the bolts.


What is to stop a thief from scanning a fake or old shipping label to open BoxLock and then stealing the packages?

With BoxLock Home you won't have to worry about someone using a fake shipping label, or even an old one already addressed to you. Every package scanned goes through a two-step verification: first, BoxLock Home verifies that the package is out for delivery with one of the major shipping companies that day and second, that you are the package’s intended recipient. If it does not meet both of these requirements then BoxLock Home can't be opened without your permission.


How resilient is BoxLock? Can't it just be busted open or cut open with bolt cutters?

We understand your concern with the resilience of BoxLock. The majority of packages are a crime of opportunity and are stolen in a grab and dash fashion. That being said, if you see something suspicious, report it!

For the more determined thief, the lock casing is a tamper resistant zinc and the hasp is made of a hardened steel, like you would find in most common padlocks. The whole lock is encased in a fiber reinforced plastic, the same material that most tools are made of. With BoxLock we are also using a proprietary locking mechanism that is designed so that it is not as susceptible to the techniques used to open other padlocks.


This is going to add time to my delivery driver’s already busy schedule. Why would they take the extra time to use BoxLock Home?

We know how valuable your delivery driver's’ time is, and have designed BoxLock Home to be as simple as possible for them to use quickly and efficiently. No additional hardware or software is required for them to use BoxLock Home, and testing demonstrates it takes just seconds for them to open BoxLock. We continue to actively partner with shippers and sellers like UPS, USPS, FedEx and Amazon to ensure easy and smooth adoption. 


What if I get deliveries from multiple carriers in one day?

BoxLock Home will open for each package, so all your packages throughout the day may be stored in your storage box until you come home.


What if I get multiple packages in a single delivery?

The driver just needs to scan one tracking number to open BoxLock Home. The app will update to show the delivery status of your other packages, but only the scanned package will confirm that it was scanned.


I get many different size packages. How big is the box?

There are many different types of boxes you can get, there is no limit from a small box to a storage bench, it all depends on what fits your porch and your lifestyle. Here is our list of storage boxes we work with - Storage Boxes


Can I only use BoxLock Home on a storage container?

BoxLock Home can be used just about anywhere a padlock can be used — storage containers, gates, cellar doors, a fridge or freezer.


Will I know if there's a package in my storage box or will I have to keep checking?

You will receive a notification to your BoxLock Home app as soon as it has been used so that you don't have to spend all day guessing if your package has arrived.


How much is BoxLock Home?

BoxLock Home is now available on IndieGoGo at special offers for backers. BoxLock Home will retail for $129.99 when it is available for sale. 

You can find us on IndieGoGo here.


When will BoxLock Home be available?

BoxLock Home will be available in Spring 2018, with pre-sales starting in fall 2017 through Kickstarter and IndieGogo. Please sign-up for updates here.


Will BoxLock Home work internationally?

We are currently only shipping BoxLock in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Regardless of where you’re located, you can manually add tracking numbers and BoxLock will open one time for that tracking number as long as it’s been added to your account. As well as the ability to Barcode share.

Thus far, we have only tested the carrier integrations with Amazon, FedEx, UPS and USPS with shipments being delivered to the United States. We can only ensure that the automatic collection of tracking numbers and the confirmation of delivery status has only been tested in the US.

BoxLock Pro will leverage Shippo for our carrier integrations and should have a higher reliability with confirming the delivery status for international deliveries.

As we have increased demand outside of the United States we’ll continue to explore ways to expand the features and availability internationally.


How do I know if I need BoxLock Home, BoxLock Pro or BoxLock Enterprise?

There are three versions of the BoxLock product depending on your needs.

BoxLock Home is designed for most one-family homes and small businesses with one location. It will be available with all BoxLock purchases with no monthly costs.

BoxLock Pro is a subscription-based service designed for contractors, franchise owners, and other businesses or families that need multiple BoxLocks. It has all of the features of BoxLock Home while supporting multiple locks, more users, and more shippers. It offers advanced barcode and user management that can be accessed both on your mobile device and a desktop computer.

BoxLock Enterprise supports unlimited users and BoxLocks. Designed for at-home delivery companies or SaaS solution providers, it will integrate with your existing API and offers advanced software for more sophisticated business needs. Please contact us if you are interested in learning about how BoxLock Enterprise can help support your business.


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