Keeping Delivery Routes Consistent and Efficient

BoxLock opens when you, the delivery driver scans the tracking number for a parcel that’s currently out for delivery, to the address of the lock. This is faster than waiting for a homeowner to answer the door.


BoxLock homes will have a yard sign or delivery notes indicating that a BoxLock is present. 


Successful Scan

  • Confirm package will fit in the container, then scan the tracking number with BoxLock.

  • Pull down on BoxLock to open after a single beep.

  • If the package fits, scan the package with handheld and mark it as "delivered" in parcel locker.

  • After closing BoxLock, pull down firmly to ensure it is locked.


Unsuccessful Scan

  • If the package is not out for delivery that day, or if you do not scan the correct barcode, BoxLock will not open.

  • If BoxLock makes an immediate long beep, wait 5 seconds and try again.

  • If BoxLock begins rapidly beeping after a scan, pull down on BoxLock quickly to open. If, after a series of quick beeps, the lock stops beeping, the lock has relocked itself and will not reopen.

For best accuracy, scan by moving BoxLock from the bottom of the package, up.


BoxLock works with all major carriers.