Introducing BoxLock, the World’s First Smart Padlock that Ensures Safe and Secure Package Deliveries

ATLANTA — July 5, 2018 — Created from an overdue need to safely track and get packages delivered to the rightful owner, BoxLock Inc., introduces the first internet-connected security padlock to protect package deliveries. Americans – and largely the rest of the world – are embracing home delivery now more than ever. More than 5 billion items shipped worldwide under Amazon’s Prime program in 2017 and more Prime members joined in 2017 than any other year. This growing trend generates a need to keep what we order safe until it’s physically in our hands. BoxLock solves this problem. A smart, IoT padlock designed to protect deliveries from package thieves, BoxLock’s proprietary combination of barcode scanner, connectivity and padlock provide frictionless service for both carriers and customers. BoxLock’s intuitive, easy-to-use functionality and its unique ability to get packages safely through the last mile delivery process make it the ideal way to ensure your deliveries are there reliably when you expect them.

BoxLock is designed to secure deliveries for the customer while being respectful of the carriers’ valuable time. Using a built-in barcode scanner, BoxLock scans the tracking number on deliveries, validating them in real-time, then giving the driver access, without the need for any additional service hardware, software, labels or codes. In milliseconds, BoxLock connects to the internet to confirm access should be granted, creating real-time access logs that can be used to prevent theft and fraud. The recipient can open Boxlock to retrieve their deliveries with the iOS or Android app.

BoxLock Home is designed for single-family households and small businesses. After a quick setup with the free mobile app, the BoxLock is placed on a chosen delivery receptacle, such as a Step2 storage box, shed or a lockable container, keeping the receptacle firmly locked until a delivery arrives. Upon delivery, the driver scans the package, and after an instantaneous two-step verification process, the lock opens when a package is scanned that’s “out for delivery” to that address, allowing the driver to leave the recipient’s package securely inside the locked receptacle. The recipient then gets an automatic notification that the package has been safely delivered.

BoxLock is rigorously constructed. The exterior is a hardened steel shackle enclosed in a weather-resistant case with a barcode scanner at the bottom. The built-in micro-USB port enables charging; users can expect more than 30 days of battery life from a full charge. Even the color and design of the casing have been specifically honed to stand out to delivery drivers, and its angled shape is easy to grip as delivery drivers scan packages.

BoxLock is compatible with all major US shipping carriers. There’s no additional software required, the tracking numbers already used on the shipping label for each delivery act as the key. BoxLock saves the carriers from having to wait for someone to answer the door on attended deliveries and reduces the likelihood that packages have to be redelivered at a significant cost to the carrier. BoxLock worked closely with the major carriers and their delivery drivers during the development process. Current tests show that drivers are capable of using BoxLock for the first time in well under a minute, normally in under 20 seconds. This is a fraction of the time needed for a single attended delivery.

Hans Hickler, former CEO of DHL USA says “BoxLock is going to make last mile delivery security more accessible, universal, effective and seamless than it’s ever been before.”

Beginning today, BoxLock is available exclusively on Amazon to all Prime members. Given the natural fit of BoxLock to the Amazon direct-to-customer model, BoxLock chose Amazon to exclusively launch BoxLock Home. With some customers receiving multiple packages a day, Prime customers will be the first to experience the security benefits BoxLock has on their deliveries.

“After becoming victims of package theft, we know first-hand how agonizing it can be knowing your deliveries are just sitting out waiting to see who gets to them first,” said Brad Ruffkess, CEO of BoxLock. “BoxLock was developed out of a need to find a convenient, secure and effective way to protect deliveries and we’re thrilled to have a solution that keeps people’s packages safe and ends porch piracy. Further, we are excited to launch BoxLock Home as an Amazon Exclusive because of the way they have transformed how we buy products and goods and their commitment to getting products safely to their customers.”

BoxLock retails for $129, is available Exclusively on Amazon at 
and will be a part of Amazon Prime Day July 16, 2018. For more info, visit

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