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BoxLock Lab Specimen Collection Solutions

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Solutions for Lab Logistics Providers coordinating the first mile and last mile logistics for sensitive and time critical diagnostics samples.

BoxLock’s lab specimen logistics solutions can result in a reduction of 30% of your total stops by eliminating dry runs while gaining valuable data on when lab samples are ready for pickup and when they have been retrieved.

Benefits Include:

  • Real-Time ready for pickup and chain of custody notifications without clients needing to place phone call or entering online portals.

  • Specimens are secured ensuring HIPAA Compliance.

  • Integration with existing route and fleet management solutions can support route optimization, specimen level tracking and sample level chain of custody controls.

  • Expanded pickup and delivery windows for private fleet, independent couriers or major carriers.

  • Partnered with leading lab box suppliers to ensure capability with existing physical requirements. (i.e insulation, size, mounting brackets, etc)

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