Press Coverage

“It’s a clever solution to those pesky porch pirates who endlessly steal my deliveries.”

- TechCrunch

“Beyond the peace of mind that comes with secure deliveries, the BoxLock system can also make the agonizing wait for a package much easier to bear.”

- Business Insider

"Move over, Amazon Key — BoxLock Home protects the packages left at your door"

- Digital Trends

"Porch pirates will be pissed at this internet-connected padlock"


"A more consumer-facing solution for this so-called 'last mile delivery' challenge"

- Curbed

"This simple but brilliant bit of hardware makes it easy for postal workers to securely deliver packages to your front door.”

- HiConsumption

“BoxLock should do wonders for protecting your packages.”

 - Popular Mechanics

"BoxLock is a Kickstarter project that wants to ensure your beloved items are kept out of the hands of thieves."

- Mashable

“This smart lock will save you a lot of headaches by making sure that you are not another victim of package theft.”

- Gadget Review

"This smart lock prevents your packages from being stolen”

- Now This

"The BoxLock is perfect for people who always get deliveries when they aren’t home!”

- Good Good Gadgets


 - Morning Dose TV

“With the power of BoxLock, package thefts or losses are a thing of the past”

- VacationIdea Magazine