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Unattended secured off-hours deliveries

BoxLock believes that unattended, secured off-hours and off-peak deliveries (OHD and OPD) are in everyone’s best interest. We currently support deliveries from UPS, USPS, FedEx and Amazon. Now we’re opening up our BoxLock network, making it available to more last mile delivery providers so they can deliver to customers with our secure BoxLock system at any hour of day or night.

Here are some reasons to consider integrating with BoxLock Logistics to take advantage of this delivery method:

  • Off-hour and off-peak deliveries creates more consistent routes

  • Off-peak and off-hour deliveries create greater route flexibility

  • OHD / OPD creates faster route stops

  • OHD / OPD creates reduction in lost and stolen goods

  • OHD / OPD creates wholesale pricing or discounted BoxLock products for your customers

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